Can We Earn Money with Affiliate? If yes, How?

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Before starting Let me make one thing clear:

  I do not believe in easy money and there are no magic tricks in this article that will help you become rich overnight. So if you run after easy money then this article is not for you.

This article will cover the following points:

  • What affiliation and the different types of affiliate marketing
  • The benefit of being an affiliate marketer
  • A few tips and tricks to succeed in the affiliate marketing

So can you really make money with affiliate programs? Well yes and no; There is money in affiliate marketing, but that YOU can make money or not depends on many other factors such as your commitment, your experience, site traffic etc.

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliation?

According to Wikipedia:

"The affiliation is a partnership between a website editor and a commercial site seeking to develop its online sales or capture a larger number of quote requests. The commercial site, then called "advertiser" offers an affiliate program site wishing to sell its traffic, then called "affiliate". This affiliate program describes how the affiliate will be paid by promoting products or services affiliators. "

Essentially, you, as a publisher, will be rewarded when you help a commercial site or seller to promote their products or services.

Membership is one of the fastest and the cheapest to start earning money as you do not have to create the products yourself. You make a link between the buyer and the seller, and you take a commission on the sale.

The affiliation, how does it work?

When you join an affiliate program and choose the products you want to sell, sellers provide a unique affiliate code that you can use to send traffic to the site.

Most affiliate programs will offer ready text links, banners, and others, and you only need to copy the code and place on your website to start sending traffic above.

When interested visitors click on the links on your site, they are redirected to the product site, and if they buy a product or subscribe to a service, you earn a commission.

Sellers can track your performance with your affiliate ID and affiliate software they use. You also have access to all sales in real time and you can see your stats.

You do not have to sell products all the time to earn a commission. Various affiliate programs can use different payment methods such as:
  • Pay per Sale: In this program a merchant pays you a percentage of the sale price when the purchase is made.
  • Pay to Click: In this program your payment is based on the number of visitors that you redirect to Seller's website for your affiliate site, regardless of whether there was or not sales.
  • Pay per Lead (prospect): You get paid once sent visitors provide their contact details on the site by filling a simple form. (This first type of affiliation that brought me my first euros).

Why become an Affiliate Marketer?

The affiliation is considered one of the best Internet marketing techniques to make money online and I will explain why:
  • Good quality / price ratio: Internet marketing is cheap and you do not have to worry about the cost of production as the product is already developed by the vendor. You do not need a physical location for the business or need to hire employees.
  • International market: Online marketing gives you the opportunity to easily reach people worldwide.
  • No fee: You pay nothing to join affiliate programs.
  • No Storage No Shipping: You do not have to worry about storage, packaging or shipping the product. The seller takes care!
  • No Customer Support: You do not have to provide support or assistance to the customer, or deal with consumer complaints, as the Seller does it for you.
  • Passive Income: Regular work can give you a fixed income as you keep walking. Depending on your skill in marketing, the affiliate can create a steady income stream even when you're not at your computer.
  • Allows you to work from home: If you earn enough money so you do not have to worry about going to work together or being stuck in traffic because of traffic. You can work from the comfort of your own home.

Some Tips to become a Good Affiliate Marketer

After reading all the benefits of membership, if you think you will be rich overnight by selling affiliate products online, then you are wrong.

Membership is definitely an excellent way to make money online but it is also highly competitive. To be successful in the affiliate, you must know the needs of the market, learn to promote products, and find out what works and what does not.

Here are some tips to succeed in the affiliate:

1 - Choose Only Good Products

The first mistake many affiliate marketers make is that they are part of too many different affiliate programs and they are trying to promote anything.

Follow this road can become very overwhelming and you can not properly promote any type of product.

All you need to do to be successful is to find the right products to promote. Try to understand the market needs and are looking for products that are aligned properly with the niche or area of your site.

2 - Test, Measure and Track Affiliate Campaign

This is a very good idea to use various product promotion strategies to see what works and what does not. Try doing splits test and measure the performance of each campaign and then act accordingly.

Change things here and there can save you more radically. Make sure to place banner ads on different areas on the pages of your site.

Most affiliate programs will give you basic stats you might need, but there's nothing stopping you to use your own tracking software.

There are a lot of software or tracking website you can use to track your affiliate campaign.

Example: CPVlab

3 - Choose the Right Site Marchand

When you promote a product you are promoting as the person or company behind the product, so try to choose wisely. You do not want your visitors to go to the site, purchase a product from your advice, then come back unhappy.

Do you think that these visitors return to your site and will want again your advice?

Probably not. This can damage your credibility in the long term. Usually, websites / business that offer good customer service also have the best customer satisfaction, so stay with them.

Here are some sites for Affiliation:

4 - Use Of Useful Tools

If you are serious to make affiliation so try to find tools that will help you be more efficient. There are many useful tools. If you use a self-hosted WordPress site, then consider getting a kind of Affiliate Link Manager plugin.


Do not stand there praying that people buy, (well you can), but mostly set everything right from the start to put all the chances of side cutter!

If you think that visitors will click on your affiliate links and buy just because you have placed dozens of links to your website then you are wrong!

You must have a well structured plan in place. Affiliate marketing is a business so you have a much better chance of success if you treat it as such.

I'm sure I do not have any hatching, please please share your tips in the comment box below.

10 SEO Tips For WordPress Website

SEO Tips For WordPress Website

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. so "natural" (or organic) or paid in the search engines.

The theory is that the more a site appears among the first in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search etc.

The following ten tips are ones I think are either forgotten or are on common mistakes.

10 SEO Tips For WordPress Website

  • Content optimization is the best: Any type of optimization is effective only if it is in combination with unique content and high quality. Ideally, the text contains the keywords that highlight the overall theme of the article. Content should be readable and understandable. Use your keywords wisely. The text should be written primarily for visitors, not for search engines.
  • Backlinks exchange with other relevant websites on your domains and with Authority websites (websites with well ranked). Also, create links between pages in your website, but do this with caution and only if appropriate.
  • Try Although Rename your images: Google recognizes images in determining its ranking. Google displays both text and image search results, and therefore appropriate images in the article itself, which corresponds to the page. Include keywords in specific topic in your file name, instead of using DSC93948.JPG SEO.jpg. Remember to use "alt tag" for your images, which also provide improved usability and optimization for your ranking in searches.
  • Use the Permalinks with Tags: using plain permalink. Instead of http: // use http: // Please note that only the first four words in a permalink are relevant.
  • Use SEO optimized themes: Some themes use a lot of code to create the layout and design of a website. Google will search the source code to find the appropriate content. Plus you have codes, the less density of keywords and content. Fast and powerful themes are good for your rankings on Google, since the performance of a website is a two hundred criteria that determine your rankings. Made the sun turn aside Studio Press.
  • Create a Sitemap XML: With WordPress and plugins like Google SiteMap XML is a very easy task. Google has a variety of other useful tools, too, such as Website Optimizer Website and Webmaster Central.
  • Highlight Content or important Keywords: On your website. Use h1-h6 to highlight titles or subtitles of an article or important phrases. But do not overdo it!
  • Post your Articles on Social Media: Promote your content and other items from websites you like. People will appreciate your kindness and you probably will send a backlink.
  • Do not use techniques "Black Hat" If you try to trick Google, they will discover. Promised. Recently, some sites have recently been punished by Google for such practices.
  • Do not use Flash: Flash (Adobe technology) is virtually invisible to search engines. Use WordPress.
A quick and easy ways to improve your ranking is to download and install an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO By Yoast. The plugin is easy to use and perfect for beginners and advanced users. It's free.

This list can go on indefinitely. As mentioned above, there are more than 200 criteria that Google uses to determine your ranking, including criteria such as the age of the domain, duplicate content, meta description and tags, etc.

Finally, focus on publishing unique content, relevant and quality. If you do that, everything else will be a walk. Content is King!

10 Methods To Earn Money With A Blog

10 Methods To Earn Money With A Blog

Make money online: an interesting topic.

The questions "how to make money with a blog" might bother you, because starting a blog and make money with are two different things.

If you are a beginner (or intermediate blogger) who has just started blogging, this article will show you working ways to make money with a blog.

Related: 8 Things To Know When You Start Blogging

You may be using some methods, or maybe something will be new to you.

But through this article, you will have new insight into different methods to make money with your blog.

Let us see what are these methods are.

1 - Monetize with Adsense

AdSense is the platform powered by Google that gives you the freedom to show appropriate ads to an area in your blog.

To get approval for AdSense, you must submit your blog on

They ask things like name, address, the URL of your blog, the topic of the blog and many other things.

Carefully fill the form and submit it. People who work at Google will review your form and manually approve if consistent.

2 - Display Banner Ads

This is one of the best method that all large companies use.

In fact, the purchase of advertising space is very similar in those principles, to traditional advertising in print or display. It allows a brand to gain notoriety and to convey advertising messages developed for potential customers.

To buy space, you can contact an advertising agency. Most sites that broadcast banners feature an integrated control or are linked to a control room.

It is with the advertising you negotiate prices for a publication on the targeted website. The main variables are:
  •  the number of impressions (the number of times your ad will appear during a consultation by the Internet);
  •  Price, usually expressed as "cost per thousand impressions" (or CPM). Advertisers often prefer cost per click.
The site like BuySellAds (Us) are market to buy and sell banner ads.

3 - Make a review of a product

Many critics you read on various products are paid critics.

Yeah .. It's the harsh reality.

Companies pay bloggers to write positive reviews of the products.

So you can tackle some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and to promoting your blog.

4 - Sponsored Links

Many companies just want a link (anchor) within your article for SEO of their website.

So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert this link business anywhere in the article with the appropriate context.

5 - Make a Product Video

If you have a popular blog, companies will pay more if you can make a video critical of their products.

The video is a good way to disseminate information in a very short time.

6 - Affiliation

With this method, you promote the products of others on your blog by displaying banners or by writing reviews of the product.

You might be confused as I mentioned these two methods above.

Therefore disclaim this confusion first.

Affiliate marketing is completely different.

Here you join the affiliate program for a company and they will pay 10-80% on every sale you make.

You will get your unique affiliate link that will tell the company that this particular sale was made by you.

Every time someone clicks on this link, they will know that the person was sent by you.

You can reach platforms like Amazon, Clickbank etc.

7 - Selling Your Own Service

Once your blog has authority in your niche, you can start selling your own services.

You can create software, plugins, write an ebook for sale on your blog.

8 - Making Training Online

Once you have a popular blog, it is easier to sell your online training.

You must find what interests your audience and then create a product.

9 - CPA Marketing

It is popular method used by all major Internet marketers in the world.

With this method, you just need to drive people to a page for them to do an action.

This can be: completing a form, submit their CB to choose an offer with a trial period or any type of action.

CPA = Cost Per Action / Acquisition.

Here companies will pay you just for one share. No need to sell the products.

10 - Email Marketing

You noticed that I offer guides on my blog in exchange for your email address.

By doing this, I collect e-mails from my readers so I can send them what I want, when I want.

Providing FREE value content on your blog, you establish a relationship with your readers and stay in touch with them using email they gave when downloading the book.

you can also use Aweber for $ 1 (test period).

By giving free tips to your readers, you can create some confidence. Soon they will begin to listen to your suggestions and advice.

You can send an email with an affiliate link to earn money with any type of product.


These are the methods that I will use this year to earn more money with my blogs. Choose one or two methods, and test for two or three months.

With time, you become an expert in methods and you will start making money with your blog.

I hope this information helps.

Share this article and start making money with your blog this year!

8 Things To Know When You Start Blogging

Things To Know When You Start Blogging

"I think I'm not a good blogger. It's been months now and I have nothing to show. Forget the thousands of visitors, I did not even get fifty a day. " I do not know how you do it but I'm not sure that I should spend more time in blogging. I do not think with my blog it will. "

I read an email I received from a friend last month.

My friend was really upset. He should not think like that.

He thought blogging would be easy. Write some content and do some promotion; and visitors come like a bee swarm to the blog.

But then he faced the harsh reality: SEO, organic search, social networks, subscribers, and so on. He tried all the tricks, but in vain (because one can only see the results in the long term). No organic traffic, who shares its content: blogging is so hard!

When the situation became difficult, all motivation has been lost. Doubts began to show: my blog can he really do it? Do I have to not give up?

This is the trap that falls most bloggers. They give up easily.

Without knowing they were so close to their goal.

In this article I'll show you how perseverance can be your greatest strength and why you should not give up.

Let me assure you that the first months of starting the blog are the hardest. This is the thing that every blogger must face: no exception. Bloggers property set are those who dare to face the challenge even in difficult times.

They were persistent.

Here are the reasons why you should be persistent in your blogging adventure.

Things To Know When You Start Blogging

1 - Although rank in Google takes time

One of the misconceptions held by new bloggers is that once the production of content, traffic will begin to flow in the search engines.


It takes some time before your articles start to rank well in the search engines. Whatever SEO work you do and if your content is great, it will take time to get good SERPs.

A new area has little authority, which makes it incredibly hard to get traffic from search engines.

But that may change if you are persistent enough. Gradually, as you continue to blog, people will come to know your blog from other sources (with blog comments, for example. Finally, you will get backlinks (links pointing to your site). Backlinks in back, improve your domain authority.

Once your main domain is "recognized as having value" by the search engines, your pages will begin to rank well well. That simple.

For this to happen, you should continue blogging. You can not be demoralized and stop blogging after a few months. Once your domain gets some quality backlinks, you can expect that all your pages rank a little better in the search engines.

(Tips: Try writing articles invited to get a good amount of quality backlinks)

Of course, there are exceptions. Even a new blog can get some organic traffic if the keywords are not competitive enough. But chances are that if your target keywords are not competitive enough, the search engine traffic volumes will also be very low.

Therefore, it is not reasonable to expect traffic from search engines in your early days.

2 - Users tend to trust the old site

During the first days of a blog, user engagement is not too good. People probably make some comments on your blog. Even if you have good content, users can not share your articles with the same enthusiasm as popular blogs.

If your work does not get the appreciation it deserves, it can demoralize you. But do not be discouraged.

Think about it a moment.

If you had to choose a lawyer, what would you choose? A new lawyer who is just starting or a famous lawyer with a proven track record. Obviously, most people will go to someone with a proven track record. Because it gives them confidence.

It's the same here. It is human psychology.

But this does not mean that a new lawyer will have no success. You must show your quality by steady work and gradually you will be appreciated. You just take your chances when it comes to you.

Now why you should continue blogging is because people tend to associate with longevity reliability. If you have a new website with few pages of content, "the note of trust" your visitors will fall.

The more you continue to write, the better your content on your blog. After a moment, when a visitor arrives on your blog, it will say, "Well, this / that girl's been here for a while now. He wrote so much. There has to know its field. "

Because your blog existed for some time and there is a lot of content, this will create a positive impression in the reader's head. Only to get there, we must continue to blog and write more.

3 - You need time to learn and gain experience

Blogging is not that of writing. And those who want to have a professional blog should know that it is a multifaceted work. Yes, writing skills are a prerequisite. But you need to know to promote your blog. You must know how search engines work and how to get organic traffic.

And the list continues.

Although it is not so difficult, there is a considerable amount of things you need to learn. It takes time to understand the nuances of blogging. More importantly, you need immediate knowledge. Gradually, as you continue to blog, you gain experience. You will understand what works for your blog and what does not.

You will identify many mistakes you made and then will correct. These things can not be learned with just a bit of reading.

For example, when I started 2-3 years ago I took the time to put me on the social network. It was a big mistake. At that time, I always had the habit of getting traffic from search engines like Google algorithms were not too strict. But today, you can not ignore the social networks.

You have to learn these things - how to get more followers, how to get a guest post, how to get targeted traffic.

Last argument is: Rather than thinking of giving up, you should have a desire to learn new things and improve. If you do not get traffic, you should ask yourself "There-there are some techniques that I have no knowledge? "Try to orient towards productive things during this period lasts.

4 - You need time to create content

The cornerstone of blogging is good content. If you do not have something useful to share, then there is no point to do something else.

Create incredibly practical and useful things. Take your time but produce quality.

You must create content for your blog as well as for guest items. You must also write content for your books or free digital guides.

Achieving this will take time.

Rather than give up, spend your time in creating quality content.

It always pays.

5 -You will have a hearing to talk

I know how difficult it is to keep writing when there is nobody to read your articles!

Each blogger face it ... It's like trying to drink through a straw, when your glass is empty!

But think about it. If you set up a newsletter, within a year, you will surely have at least 100 subscribers (even if you do it very badly). This means that you will have a hearing to talk to.

Real people want to hear.

You can even ask your mail subscribers what they want to learn about a specific topic. This will motivate to continue blogging.

Only, you must not lose hope when you blog in the beginning. You must pass this difficult stage. That can not stop you.

6 - It will take time to create connections

As in real life, you need friends in the internet world also. You have to build connections with the right people. For a newcomer, it is not the easiest task.

Why a popular blogger would connect with a great beginner? Will there be time for that?

This is why it takes time to create connections. You must begin to interact with people on social networks and try to answer their questions. Become a regular commentator and say thank you in a casual email also helps.

But it is a gradual process. You can not just send a mail and you expect them to respond.

Gradually, you will get to know more people and your network grows.

7 -You are more likely to have a stroke of luck

Almost every popular blogger this stroke of luck one time or another. This comes as a bit of help of persons within their niche.

This can be a guest post published occasionally on a blog authority. This can be backlinks from a popular blog.

This is your chance to show your value. Smart bloggers seize these opportunities.

To get your stroke of luck, you need to get noticed influential people in the first place. If you give up too soon, you simply reduce your chances of being noticed.

If you leave with only 10 articles on your blog, there is little chance that popular bloggers see your blog and can talk then.

So it is very important to maintain your quality of writing and continue blogging. Sooner or later someone will notice you and you will get your "stroke of luck".

8 - You're wasting your time if you keep jumping from one subject to another

Last but not least, you must always remember that perseverance is the key to being successful, and that, in any area of ​​life. If you continue to jump from one subject to another (unrelated), you'll master it. Unless you're not focused, the only thing you will succeed in doing is wasting precious time.

Let me give an example seen.

There he was - someone you admire?

I can assure you one thing in relation to that person. This person is focused on his goal. No matter what the person does, he / she has spent considerable time learning and perfecting himself in his work.

Think of your favorite sports, think of your favorite politician, think of your favorite businessman.

All these people have shown persistence and perseverance. If they had frequently changed jobs, they would not have been in the Top.


Do not waste your time.

If you have started blogging, continue. Devote your time to learn and master it all. There are a lot of people leaving good things in blogging. Take inspiration from them and continue blogging. Surely you will succeed.

Tell me something. Have you ever felt like giving up? 

Please let me know in the comments below.

How To Create And Sell An Ebook?

How To Create And Sell An Ebook

Creating an eBook (electronic book) is a good way to immerse yourself in the sale of digital products. And it does not require much technical expertise to create.

If you are a blogger who creates content, think of it as if you were creating a little more of that content and put it all together nicely packaged into a PDF.

But how do you create a quality ebook? Keep reading.

How To Create And Sell An Ebook?

The contents

The content of your ebook is the most important part. This is where the value is delivered.

If you try to teach something to your audience with your ebook, you must first answer the following questions:
  • What type of person you are targeting?
  • What is my audience is trying to accomplish and how the content of my ebook is related to their goals?
  • What are the problems that prevent them from achieving their goals?
  • How you can create content that helps people to achieve their goals and overcome their trials?
Once you are clear about the answers to the questions, start writing.


When it comes to creating an ebook, the party "software" is very simple. You can use ANY word processing program that is familiar.

Here are some options:
The above listed programs have similar functions that address the basic word processing tools to create a good ebook.

I'm on Open Office because it is the word processor with which I am comfortable. Sometimes I use Word.

Text Formatting

Formatting is important for your ebook; this can help you deliver your message in a clear way.

If you were to gather all of the ebook in one long paragraph, it would be absolutely ridiculous to read.

On the other hand, if each sentence is in bold and the words italicized and underlined extreme way, this is too much.

By finding the balance, this may lead the reader to the most important concepts, making it easier to read your ebook.

Here are some tips to help you make your ebook to make it a joy to read:
  • Keep your paragraphs relatively short.
  • Use strategically bold and italics to highlight key phrases and words that help describe your message.
  • If there is some statement or quote that you REALLY want the reader to focused, use a text with a caption to highlight this statement / quote.
When it comes to formatting, remember one thing: Make Simple. When viewing an entire page, see if your items of choice helps to deliver a clear picture of your message, be careful not to distract including too many elements.

Inserting Links

One of the good features of ebooks is that you can insert the appropriate links to content.

So, in your ebook, put Url links throughout the document indicating relevant links or videos on your site. This is your way to go beyond what you can do with a regular book.


The beauty of an ebook is that you are not limited by the use of images. The paper text is a financial challenge because of the cost for printing colorful photos. With ebooks, you can use images to enhance your eBook without additional financial burden.

The best way to ensure you get high quality images is to go on image banks of sites where you can find royalty free images.

The format

Your ebook should be delivered as a PDF file; PDFs are great for consistent formatting, regardless of the device used to consume content (PC, tablet, smartphone) because the file type is universally accepted.

Most word processing programs can convert a PDF file by going to "File" -> "Export" (note: the wording may be slightly different depending on which program you use) and then choose to export to PDF.

Save the file to your hard drive and you're good!

Sell the Ebook

There are many ways to sell your ebook and I do not will cover all here. However, I will talk about the one I use, that is, in my opinion, one of the EASIEST ways to sell an ebook.

The site I use is Selz. I use it because it makes work easier on EVERY step.

Your Ebook

And here you have it. With these instructions, you can go ahead and create a great ebook. Questions for you: have you ever created an eBook? And if you do not already, do it.

Let me know in the comments below.

3 Ways To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook Page

How To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook Page

Have you noticed a drop in your organic reach on Facebook?

Looking for ways to achieve more Reach.

In this article I will show you three ways to Increase your organic reach on Facebook.

How to increase organic reach on Facebook page

1 - Publish Quality Content

We live in an age of content overload and Facebook is no exception. According to Facebook, "about 1,500 stories a person could see when He/she logs on to Facebook.

You are not required to post a large volume every day to attract attention. Instead, work smarter by creating quality content.

There are no rules on the number of Posts to publish every day. two posts per day a good amount for your Facebook page. The Post Planner blog recommends you to post three different types of Posts daily. You will need to understand what the right number for your page on FB. also try mixing OF links, images, videos etc.

2 - Post outside peak hours

During the times when people share some content on Facebook, your chances of being noticed are high. Typically, the best time to publish on Facebook is 15:00. But you can try to publish at different times, when your fans are online.

Go to the Statistics tab of your Facebook page to find out when your fans are connected to the FB network. Then choose the hours when the majority of your fans are online and time when your competitors do not publish.

3 - Choose the types of content resonate with your audience

People on Facebook like videos and links more than images.

Examine your statistics on Facebook to see what type of content resonates with your audience. If you discover that your fans still prefer the images compared to other types of content do not change your strategy now. Instead, present in different formats as you follow and how they work.


The organic litter on Facebook has gradually declined for many pages. Try any of these tips in this article to improve the chances that your content appear more often to your fans on Facebook, organically.

Remember to always test your tactics.

What do you think ? Have you tried some tactics to increase your organic reach? What strategies and tactics have worked better for you? Share in the comments below.

How To Earn Money From Youtube Step By Step

Earn Money From Youtube step by step

Earn money from YouTube is possible but you have to show a lot of perseverance. The competition is tough. you have to start from the beginning ... First of all your fortune depends exclusively on the number of views on your videos. We must reach 10,000 views to begin to be paid by YouTube.

Step # 1: Find the right topic

Above all you need to find a good topic of video. Find a new topic. Browse the internet and see what comes back too often. Do not do what everybody doing already. It will be even harder to stand out. Find the subject suitable to attract your fans.

Step # 2: Create a YouTube Channel

Create your YouTube channel. Be judicious in your choice of username. Do not choose lightly! When creating your username, consider the keywords that will help in search.

Step # 3: Upload videos online

Here it is, your account is created, you can upload your videos. Only upload good quality videos at image level, but also in sound. Be regular in posting videos. Do not wait three months to upload a new sketch or a new presentation. Make your videos on a regular basis. Youtuber is a job in itself. Being consistent in your posting will allow you to retain your audience. Stuff your videos with keywords that will help your audience remember the video.

Step # 4: Develop your Audience

Keep in mind that your income will depend on the number of views on your video. So you need to grow your audience. Why don't just publish your video on YouTube. Get More Views By posting your video on other social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Share your videos with maximum visitors with the largest number. If your video is successful, these visitors will share your video with their friends who will share it with their friends and so on. The more ratings you have the more you get noticed and YouTube will be interested in you. YouTube like people who have a lot of subscribers.

Step # 5: Interacting with the audience

Follow the comments on your videos that will give you feedback. You'll know if people like it or not. What is correct. Answer these comments. This gives interactivity to your channel and that's good for ratings! 

Step # 6: Monetize your videos

You have to monetize your videos, to earn money from youtube. For this, YouTube offer to place advertisements in your videos. These are advertisements that will inflate your income. To do this, when you upload your video through YouTube, check the famous little box "monetization through advertising." Thus with each click on the advertising that appears on your video, you will receive an admittedly ridiculous nest egg but multiplied by thousands of views starting to become consistent. 

Step # 7: Get paid

Google AdSense. It will allow you to collect your income generated by clicks on advertisements. To register and receive your due, you must be over eighteen, have a bank account or a PayPal account and have a valid email address.

Step # 8: Follow performances

Follow your statistics on your videos through your channel. A tool is available to you by YouTube. This will allow you to check the number of clicks on the ads, the number of views on your videos Remember, the more you have views, the more you get paid.

Step # 9: Create a blog

In addition to broadcast your videos on different social media, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, also create your own blog. Launch your website. So you can share your videos with other blogs and other sites.

Step # 10: Become a YouTube Partner

Your video begins to tour the world, you can Apply to become a YouTube partner. simply through the YouTube site click on the "YouTube Partner." To qualify for this privilege, you must have 15,000 hours of viewing on your videos in the last 90 days. This partnership will allow you to enjoy many tools offered by YouTube to improve your videos: sound effects, video editing, special effects ... etc. Do not forget. The more you have views, the more you earn money.


The method seems simple but you have to show a lot of talent to break into it. All YouTubers may not earn enough. Take it rather a passion, a hobby. Have fun and maybe fortune will come knocking at your door.